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She’ll Be Cheering Him On – NY Times Sexism

Turn your browser to this page in the New York Times Sports section. The title of the article is “For Running Couples, Marriage Has Its Trials”. Readers of the Times have their trials, too. Look at the caption under the pictures of the runners for this piece. Does anything strike you as a wee bit off? Here is the caption:

Alan Culpepper will try to make his third Olympic team at the marathon trials next Saturday. His wife, Shayne, who hopes to make the Beijing Games in the 1,500, will be cheering him on.

Could the author have written the caption in a different way? The author, Aimee Berg, should have realized how that caption would sound. She should have just identified the couple and not put the female in the stereotypical cheerleader role.

This is a minor point in an otherwise inoffensive article but it’s this type of repeated subjugation that irritates me to the point of drinking herbal tea (bleh!). People read this. It’s internalized as the true order of things in the universe. Writers should be more sensitive to this sort of gaff.

October 25, 2007   1 Comment