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Mitzi Sasse Where Are You Now?

It’s time for a break. I had a DTT revelation this morning and I need to re-think the cleavage of a fusion protein. My break includes music from the Ultra-Lounge series. Specifically, I’ve been listening to Mondo Exotica. This music is fun. It makes me think about bachelor pads and advertisements for Hi-Fi.

What does this have to do with the mysterious Mitsi Sasse? Mitzi was someone I met during my freshman year in college. I never knew her very well but she was interesting in a slacker sort of way and she was book smart. She seemed to be searching for a magic pathway. She stopped coming to our zoology lab and I agreed to cram with her the night before the final lab practical to get her through the course. My study music was a horrible easy listening station that played more than a few Ultra-Lounge sorts of tunes. Mitzi tried to revolt and put another station on the radio but I said no. She gave me a look that was beyond anger but she needed me to pass her exam so it was “kare continuous music” for the evening. I’m not sure those were the call letters of the station but, phonetically, it is correct. On the way to the exam, I put my dissected shark on a cafeteria tray on a conveyor belt headed to the kitchen. Mitzi passed the practical.

With the internet and search engines, you can Google up people from the past. I’ve Googled Mitzi now and then. For a time, there was an article on-line about her work as a “hut-master” in Colorado. It seems she tended to the huts on the cross-country ski trails. There was also mention of her as a massage therapist in Breckinridge, CO. I saw one mention that listed her as a donor to Tara Mandala. That mention seemed absolutely in character. The latest entry I found for her listed her as working in the Sabino Canyon Visitor’s Center Bookstore. I found a tiny mention of her once as the winner of a weekend at a Yoga spa. Thus, it seems that magic path searching and slacker living continue for Mitzi to the present day.

At present, this particular Mitzi Sasse does not show in any Google search. Her sister, Julie Sasse, is everywhere. She’s prominent in the Tucson art community. Perhaps, this bit of idle blogging on my part while deciding how to proceed with my science will put Mitzi Sasse’s name in Google once again. And, as I write this, I’m listening to Mah Na Mah Na as played by Leroy Holmes. It’s still the best thinking music.

October 26, 2007   1 Comment