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WordPress Theme Weirdness

I have a bad case of spooky wordpress. I’m writing this little post in the hope that someone might be able to explain what is happening.

Over the weekend, I had Dreamhost do the latest WordPress update to this site and my other WordPress sites. There was a minor glitch but by the end of the day on Saturday the upgrade was done with no problems. On Monday, this blog looked as I expected it to look but by Tuesday it had reverted to the default code. I didn’t touch a thing around here.

Here’s what changed:

  • The stylesheet reverted to the default color and font settings.
  • The header image reverted to the default image.
  • The Amazon widgets disappeared.
  • The Feedburner email subscription and reader bling disappeared.
  • The footer reverted to the default.
  • The Google analytics code vanished.

As you can see, these changes were on multiple pages. The header, footer, and sidebar were all changed. What happened? Can anyone explain this to me??

October 17, 2007   No Comments