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Posts from — November 2008

Lee Atwater – Evil Man and His Boy, Karl Rove

How did we get here? Who is responsible for the Republican coup that lasted all of these years? The stretegist of our great national nightmare was Lee Atwater. He was a man without morals. He started out with Karl Rove and lost election. He ended his life fearing he was going to hell. If you don’t know about this monster, then you don’t understand how the Republicans have been running their campaigns and the country.

A new movie has been made on this evil man, “Boogie Man: The Lee Atwater Story“.  The movie is reviewed on NPR by John Powers and discussed on Talk of the Nation. You can listen to these pieces here:

A “guitar-picking rascal from South Carolina,” in the words of documentary filmmaker Stefan Forbes, Atwater could seem like a conundrum: He could share a nightclub stage with legendary bluesman B.B. King on the one hand while masterminding “vile and racist” political dirty tricks on the other.

This man did terrible harm to our country. His legacy lived on in John McCain’s campaign.

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Quoting Gerald Ford

When Gerald Ford became president and pardoned Tricky Dick Nixon he said, “My fellow Americans, our long national nightmare is over.

He was wrong. It was only beginning. The Republicans at that time started to put Richard Nixon’s southern strategy into practice with a vengance. Divide and conquer was their theme. Who do you hate? We’ll hate them with you. Give us your vote. The culmination of this building horror was the Bush presidency. The same creepy crew from from Nixon and Ford’s era were with Bush.

Let’s hope, with Obama, that we are finally waking from our long national nightmare at last.

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