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Posts from — March 2008

Curious Turpitude

Someone left a strange comment on the previous turpitude post. It wasn’t an off the cuff comment but a long carefully written comment full of links to pages supporting the text. The IP address traced to High Wycombe which has little meaning to me except a company I worked for once upon a time bought something there, closed it down and generally messed with the folks working there. Methinks that Sebastian or one of his publishing minions is searching the web for anything about “moral turpitude” and posting the same comment. You can’t blame them. It’s great press to help sell books.

March 22, 2008   No Comments

Moral Turpitude

The morality police in the US of A are at it again. You know who they are? They’re like the religious police in Saudi Arabia. This week they barred Sebastian Horsley from entering the country for a book tour for “moral turpitude.” From the CBC:

British writer Sebastian Horsley has been denied entry to the U.S. upon arriving at Newark Liberty International Airport to promote Dandy in the Underworld, his memoir of sex and drugs.

The flamboyant, 45-year-old author said Thursday that he was refused entry on grounds of “moral terpitude,” after being questioned for eight hours by border officials at the New Jersey airport.

“They knew more about me than I did,” Horsley said from his London home. “They said, ‘We know you’re a heroin addict, we know you’re a crack addict, we know you’re involved in prostitution.’”

Dandy in the Underworld details Horsley’s years in the demi-monde of drugs and prostitutes, and his own heavy drug use. It was published in Britain last year by Sceptre, an imprint of Hodder Headline, to good reviews. The Independent newspaper said the book “entertains as much as it revolts, is as tender as it is shocking.”

If this is the way the Dept. of Homeland Security is going to protect our borders, I’m all for it as long as they apply the same policy to everyone trying to enter our country. This seems like our best chance to keep Dick Cheney from re-entering the USA. If anyone is guilty of “moral turpitude”, it’s Dick “Eagle Eye” Cheney.

March 20, 2008   No Comments

The Economic Depression of 1894 and Bear Stearns

“The causes were complex. They included a public panic to cash in paper currency for gold, a subsequent depletion in the country’s gold reserve and bankers calling in their loans to private industry as the value of the dollar continued to decline.”

Sound familiar?

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