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You are The Boss… which team would you hire?

Someone posted this on Newsweek after an article reporting on Sen. Chuck Hagel’s comments that Palin isn’t qualified.

With America facing historic debt, multiple war fronts, stumbling health care, a weakened dollar, all-time high prison population, skyrocketing Federal spending, mortgage crises, bank foreclosures, etc. etc., this is an unusually critical election year.  The idea of “leadership” must be broadened from mere “experience” to include knowledge, learnedness and insight.

Let’s look at the educational background of your two options:

Occidental College – Two years.
Columbia University – B.A. political science with a specialization in international relations.
Harvard – Juris Doctor (J.D.) Magna Cum Laude

University of Delaware – B.A. in history and B.A. in political science.
Syracuse University College of Law – Juris Doctor (J.D.)


United States Naval Academy – Class rank 894 of 899

Hawaii Pacific University – 1 semester
North Idaho College – 2 semesters – general study
University of Idaho – 2 semesters – journalism
Matanuska-Susitna College – 1 semester
University of Idaho – 3 semesters – B.A. in journalism

Now, which team are you going to hire ?

McCain is bad but Palin is pitiful. She has the resume for the night manager at a fast food restaurant. This shows very clearly that the republicans do not have any ethical and moral standards. They’ll promote anyone for office if they think it might give them a chance to maintain power.

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Curious Turpitude

Someone left a strange comment on the previous turpitude post. It wasn’t an off the cuff comment but a long carefully written comment full of links to pages supporting the text. The IP address traced to High Wycombe which has little meaning to me except a company I worked for once upon a time bought something there, closed it down and generally messed with the folks working there. Methinks that Sebastian or one of his publishing minions is searching the web for anything about “moral turpitude” and posting the same comment. You can’t blame them. It’s great press to help sell books.

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Did You Forget Your Lobotomy Today?

My LobotomyThere once was a monster. The monster hurt more people than Dr. Joseph Mengele. The monster was Dr. Walter Freeman. From Wikipedia:

Frustrated by his lack of surgical training and seeking a faster and less invasive way to perform the procedure, Freeman invented the “ice pick” or transorbital lobotomy, which, at first, literally used an ice pick hammered through the back of the eye socket into the brain. Freeman was able to perform these very quickly, outside of an operating theatre, and without the assistance of an actual surgeon.

Sounds pleasant, doesn’t it?

Few people survived this surgery with their intellect. It literally scrambled brains. One person who did survive, damaged but intellectually sound, is Howard Dully and he’s written a book about his life. From the San Francisco Chronicle:

The surgeon, Dr. Walter Freeman, did the procedure at Doctors General Hospital in San Jose. After sedating Howard with four jolts of electroshock, Freeman inserted two skewer-like steel knives into his skull, entering through the inside of the right and left eye sockets.

“(He) swirled them around,” Dully writes, “until he felt he had scrambled things up enough.” The lobotomy took 10 minutes to perform. The charge was $200.

There are so many reasons to read My Lobotomy. I think one of the most important reasons is to understand that monsters are everywhere and, when you find one, scream as loud as you can.

September 26, 2007   2 Comments

Robot Dreams – Sara Varon

Sara VaronSara Varon’s new book, Robot Dreams, is finally here. I don’t have a copy yet but I wanted to promote it. Few comic artists will make you feel better than Sara Varon. Her first book, Sweaterweather, was a joy. She followed with her first children’s book, Chicken and Cat. It captured the same joys of doing simple things with a friend. Robot Dreams appears to continue with that theme. You can see a sampling of Robot Dreams here.

For those living in the mid-south, you’ll be able enjoy Sara in person. She’s tentatively planning on attending the Southern Festival of Books. This is one of the premier book festivals in the country. It’s Oct. 12-14 in Nashville, TN. Be there or be square.

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Dead Certain by David Draper – Who Is Mini-Me?

I can’t bring myself to read Dead Certain by David Draper or similar books. I’m able to read about them. I have a feeling that if I actually read such things that I would spontaneously combust. With Dead Certain, I was able to read the New York Times take on the book and watch Charlie Rose interview David Draper. The more you read, find out, learn about our crazy commandass in chief, the more frightening it is. It speaks to a complete failure of our democracy that this person is still in office. Everything he’s touched has been drenched in chaos and despair. He’s even managed to start a new cold war with Russia. So, when I read that the commandass loves to do impersonations, it wasn’t surprising. That’s the story of his presidency. From the New York Times article by Michiko Kakutani:

Although the President Bush described in this volume will be familiar to most readers, Mr. Draper colors in the outlines with lots of tiny details. Apparently Mr. Bush loves doing imitations of Dr. Evil from the “Austin Powers” movies.

So, our commandass in chief likes to imagine himself as Dr. Evil. It’s only funny, when you think about it, for a second or two.

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