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Enrico Banducci – the hungry i

hungry i

Do you remember the “hungry i”? When I was very young, I dreamed of going to the “hungry i” like other children dream of going to sea. I haven’t thought about the “hungry i” for decades. I’m thinking about it today because Enrico Banducci, the famous impresario of the “hungry i”, died yesterday. There’s a good obituary in the San Francisco Chronicle. From that piece:

Woody Allen got his start here; so did Barbra Streisand and Mort Sahl. Banducci booked Dick Gregory, Lenny Bruce, the Kingston Trio, the Limeliters, Bob Newhart, Ronnie Schell, (who billed himself as the world’s slowest rising comedian), Bill Cosby, Jonathan Winters and dozens of others.

The “hungry i” was a bit before my time. I was an elementary school child when I first read about the legendary club. For some reason, I was obsessed with it. Of course, it hasn’t been around for decades and the great days ended with the 1960s. It’s probably a memory that is best left un-tarnished by reality. You can read more about the “hungry i” here.

Reading over the history of the “hungry i”, I discovered that a reunion show was produced in 1981 with many of the greats from the glory days of the club. I’ve moved it to the top of my Netflix Q. You can get it from Amazon.

October 10, 2007   1 Comment