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Tribal Hunting and Fishing Rights Should be Terminated

In the US, Native Americans enjoy special hunting and fishing privileges. There are a variety of rationalizations for the granting of these special rights. Basically, the real reason is guilt. Here’s a bone to chew. Sorry we exterminated your culture. It’s time to withdraw these special privileges. Outside the reservations, Native Americans should be made to follow the same hunting, fishing and conservation practices as others are required to do. It would be easy to make a very long list of cruel and greedy acts committed under these special laws but here is one of the latest atrocities on animal life in the name of cultural heritage. From MSNBC:

An injured California gray whale was swimming out to sea Saturday after being shot with a machine gun off the western tip of Washington state, officials said.

Coast Guard Petty Officer Kelly Parker said five people believed to be members of the Makah Tribe shot and harpooned the whale Saturday morning. The extent of the whale’s injuries were not immediately known.

Tribe members were being held by the Coast Guard but had not been charged, said Mark Oswell, a spokesman for the law enforcement arm of the National Marine Fisheries Service.

A preliminary report said the whale was shot with a .50-caliber machine gun, Oswell said.

It’s disgusting. This sort of abuse is not unusual. It always happens when any group is placed above the law.


September 9, 2007   No Comments