What Schmooze is thinking and what Bounder is worrying about.
Schmoose Dawg and Bounder Boy - The Best Pals in the World

Our Life as Dogs (so far)

We were born March 25, 1994 in Monrovia, CA. Curiously, the day was perfectly clear. We took it as a good omen. We came from a litter of five. Bounder was the first born and the alpha boy in the litter. Schmooze was the fourth born and the second fattest in the litter. Life was hard from the beginning for Bounder. He developed a severe Staph infection from a cut near his eye. Perhaps this was really lucky because, although he was very sick and nearly died, it meant that he did not go to a show home. While he was sick he became very close to his brother, Schmooze. So, it was decided that they had to spend their lives together. By chance, a home became available with someone who liked the same things that Schmooze and Bounder liked and off they went to San Diego.

Life in San Diego was not all they expected. Their new home was also home to a nature preserve and, at night, lots of rattle snakes and tarantulas would creep up the canyon and into their yard. This meant they couldn't have as much fun as they wanted to have. One day, at lunch time, Schmooze heard a sound in the ivy and pounced on it thinking it was a lizard or a ground squirrel but it was a baby rattle snake and it bit him on the foot. He was very sick. Schmooze and Bounder decided enough was enough and persuaded their human friend to move somewhere with less dangerous neighbors. She agreed, enough was enough.

So, the three pals headed east to a backyard free of rattle snakes. Schmooze was in heaven. He has a full time job keeping the area free of chipmunks and skinks. Bounder, on the other hand, has learned to relax and snooze in the sun. Best of all, their human pal has more time in their new home and they take long walks every weekend. On these walks they often dig for river voles. This was an unexpected bonus in their new home. Schmooze and Bounder discovered snow during their first winter. Schmooze attacks the snow as it falls and Bounder puts his whole face in it. What a crazy world!

For Schmooze, one of the great things about his new home is his cousin, Pepe. Being a very loving and sweet guy, Schmooze would never say it himself, but Bounder is a real alpha pain in the butt most of the time. Schmooze would like a little alpha time for himself and he gets that when he plays with his cousin Pepe. Pepe is a Bichon and no match for a terrier.

No place is perfect and our new home has one small problem; thunderstorms. Schmooze has a stroke every time he hears a crack of thunder. Bounder is less impressed but takes evil alpha dog pleasure in teasing Schmooze about it. Still, river voles, chipmunks, lots of long walks and a little snow now and then make life pretty sweet for us. If we could just get our human friend not to be such a bed hog, life would be as perfect as life can be.

That's it so far. Stay tuned for our further adventures. Meanwhile, take a look at our pictures.


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